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Coaching & Therapy for ADHD, Trauma, Learning Disabilities, Asperger’s, & other Neurodiversities

I am a Certified Co-active ADHD Coach, Expressive Arts Therapist, and Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I am licensed in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and Certified in Trauma-Based Techniques. 

I have over 35 years of experience helping people of all ages manage ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, various learning disabilities, memory disorders, and trauma and I am looking forward to helping you!

Dr. Billi Bittan

Lecturer Coach Therapist










I provide unique, customized coaching and therapy interventions with easy-to-use practical strategies and tools.

Our coaching relationship will be one of openness and flexibility. 

For example, if medication is (or isn’t) part of your existing regimen, then we’ll make a plan based on what you want and need.

I work hands-on with:

  • families
  • couples
  • parents
  • children, teens, and young adults
  • business people and their teams
  • educators
  • entrepreneurs
  • executives
  • creatives

To support those living with  ADHD,
I created the LEVERAGE ADHD system™.

All too often, ADHD support is handed out as if it is one size fits all. You are unique and so is your ADHD and your ADHD traits are, in fact, your superpowers!

Sure, ADHD can make life difficult…but only if you let it.

I know and will show you how ADHD is a tremendous asset once you learn how to LEVERAGE Your ADHD to Your ADDvantage™!

I can help you discover the positive side of your ADHD.

We will work together to understand your specific executive function impairments, figure out how to get your motivational wheels turning, and put your strengths and interests to work for you.

I act as a resource to provide you with practical tools, techniques and guidance to not only manage your ADHD but also help you LEVERAGE Your ADHD to your ADDvantage!

Above all, I encourage, support and believe in you and your ability to create the life you want.

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If I could give Dr billi 10 Stars, I would!

Although her specialty is adhd, I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a fantastic coach to help with clarifying goals, strengthening relationships and managing life skills.

She’s deeply caring and incredibly wise. A fantastic human being. I highly recommend!!!.

-Noel L. / Los Angeles, CA

Accessible and Effective.

Dr. Billi’s LEVERAGE ADHD™ System to be accessible and effective.The information is presented in bit sized pieces and is easily digestible.

I am very happy to have met Dr. Billi, and have achieved greater effectiveness, professionally and personally, through her system and coaching.

-R.R. / Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for reminding me of my strengths.

Both my eldest son (4 1/2) and I have just recently been diagnosed with ADHD (I am 38).

I wanted to let you know that I listened to the replay of your call on the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit. It was very helpful to hear your perspective on embracing where you are (and that it’s OK to be there) and then mustering up what you have within and tapping into tools you have used in the past to help you move forward.

I paraphrased you in a quote in a post on my Photography page today as that analogy really resonated with me. 

-B.L. / Minneapolis

I can’t remember the last time I went to a doctor and came out feeling like a million bucks.I’ve been to so many doctors and none of them have been able to help me get thru my OCD and ADHD.We need to have more doctors in this world like you.You are a blessing to the medical field!!!!

-Vladimir C. | USA

I have not only seen parts of my business starting to improve, but also my personal and family life. You get a major head start with Dr. Billi because she “gets it” right off the start. If you’re looking for someone to coach you on the business or personal side, do yourself a favor and give her a try. And if you do try her services, follow her instructions and you’ll see immediate results.

-Jeff N. | Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Billi has the most innovative approach to helping people with ADHD — she is unique in our profession!

Alan P. Brown | ADD Crusher

As an LAUSD Special Education district employee, I have worked for the past couple of years with Dr. Bill to observe her many capacities in the areas of education and behavior.

Working with her at the Educational Therapists’s conference demonstrated her skillful interfacing with other professionals and her unique interdisciplinary educational background.

In any setting, Dr. Billi is an effective educator with her professionals and personable teaching style.

D.B. | Granada Hills

For me, Dr. Billi’s approach is unique in that it addresses my unique self. She has lots of tools in her toolbox from which to choose.

Each session is a discovery of a different way of looking at the same live dilemma. Her techniques leave me with something to grapple with, something to relish, something to apply.

-Shawn S. | Tarzana, CA

I am giving Dr. Billi 5 stars as she did what I thought was impossible.

In 10 weeks she had my sturbbon senior high school son do things he had refused to do all his school years. I look[ed] for action and results and I have gotten both in a few weeks with my son and Dr. Billi.

-Myrna S. | USA

Dr. Billi has been a godsent to me.

She showed me a new way how to view my ADHD and how to view myself. This is something I struggled with off and on for a long time.She spent time getting to know me and we discussed personal and professional aspects of my life that challenged me.She carefully took me through a process of how to understand what I had and that it can be used as a gift with the right tools.Through her very special care and deep understanding of ADHD, Dr. Billi helped me to create a new foundation on how to live my life to its full potential – personally and professionally.

-Leslie M. / Burbank, CA