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With over 35 years of experience, I have helped countless clients:

⇒ Find relief and move through trauma and grief

⇒ Reduce/ eliminate anxiety

⇒ Boost inspiration, confidence, & motivation

⇒ Unleash potential

⇒ Discover how they can LEVERAGE ADHD to their ADDvantage!

Grief & Loss

Losing someone close to you, like a parent, child, spouse, relative, or friend can be a painful experience regardless of your age. And grief isn't just about losing someone close to you.
Regardless of your age, background, or cause of the grief you are experiencing – I can help you.

Grief, in its purest form, means to how you react to any loss. This includes losses less talked about and recognized, such as loss of a job, your “dream” of life, pet, miscarriage, relationships that are important to you, and more. Any loss can cause a lot of emotional pain.

Like fingerprints, each grief experience, including how we process and the length of time we grieve, is unique and variable even if the loss situation is similar.

While after a loss grief is to be expected, natural, and needed, many of us can find it challenging to recognize and process our grief. Even though everyone experiences grief in a unique way, there are different types of grief. Most grief begins as “normal” grief.

With adequate support, and over time, behaviors and feelings associated with “normal” grief tend to fade.

  • Tears, crying or sobbing
  • Changes in sleep pattern, such as: difficulty falling asleep or too little or too much sleep
  • Lack of energy
  • Feelings of: lethargy or apathy about the day or life in general
  • Changes in appetite: eating too little or too much, particularly junk foods
  • Withdrawl: from relationships and common social situations
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing: on tasks and responsibilities, at work, personally, a hobby, etc.
  • Questioning: religious or spiritual beliefs, job or career choices, or life goals
  • Feelings of: anger, sadness, loneliness, depression, guilt, emptiness, etc. with decreased moments of happiness/joy

Some might experience complicated grief in which the common grief symptoms do not fade, can increase in severity, and impair living.

Several factors may complicate one's grief, including:

  • Delayed grief – postponement of grief process whether unconsciously, intentional, force or ‘necessity’
  • Disenfranchised grief – when one feels unable to openly acknowledge their loss because of real or imagined pressures or stigma from family or friends, cultural, religious, or spiritual communities, general society
  • Traumatic grief – when the loss experienced is unexpected or sudden or happens in a violent manner
  • Intensified irritation, anger, or episodes of rage
  • Inability to focus on anything but the loss
  • Intense focus on reminders of the loss or Excessive avoidance of reminders of the loss
  • Intense feelings of sadness, pain, detachment, sorrow, hopelessness, emptiness, low self-esteem, bitterness or longing for the deceased’s presence
  • Problems accepting the reality of the loss
  • Self-destructive behavior: such as increased or excessive alcohol or drug use, spending above your means, overly exerting/ committing yourself, increased self-criticalness or self-discouring, increased negative outlook, developing toxic relationships, etc.
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions (If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or TrevorLifeline (LGBTQQ youth) at 1-866-488-7386
It is crucial to seek grief support regardless of your grief experience to ensure you move through the stages of grief in a way that is effective and meaningful to you. 


  • Are you or someone you care for living with ADHD?
  • Are you/they tired of feeling like an underachiever because of ADHD?
  • Has the pain of feeling alone and inadequate reached a breaking point?
You may be doubting the future and your own capacity to succeed, but there’s something inside you that doesn’t want to give up. ADHD doesn’t have to hold you back.

Together we can find ways to stop fighting yourself and create a customized plan that works for you. We will discover where you are having challenges and determine your greatest strengths. You’ll be amazed by the confidence that emerges when you set priorities and develop techniques to keep you on track no matter what life throws your way.

Busy mom? Devoted partner or wife?
Hardworking professional?
  • Do you fear that everything you’re juggling will come crashing down?
  • Do you worry that you will disappoint the people you care most about?

As women, we are often tasked with having to fill a wide range of roles and juggle many different responsibilities. ADHD can definitely complicate the picture. Please know there are solutions to help you restore balance and harmony in your life.

Women’s issues and related co-morbidities to ADHD such as eating disorders are my passion and areas of expertise. Plus I have firsthand experience as a fellow juggler, being an Adult, Parent, and Professional with ADHD.

Together we will tailor a system to help you manage the various realms of your life successfully.

Did you know that many of
the most successful and creative
Educators, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals have ADHD?
  • Are you curious about how they were able to manage their impulsivity, disorganization or inattention?
  • Are you ready to leverage the motivation and imagination that comes with ADHD to thrive in your business?

My knowledge and experience show that ADHD is a tremendous asset to educators, professionals, and entrepreneurs, once you learn how to LEVERAGE it.

Creativity, innovation, thinking outside the box … the very traits that held you back in your childhood can be of huge benefit to you in your professional life.

In our coaching sessions, we will work together to develop a workflow that’s personally tailored to suit your needs—one that enhances your strengths and interests and takes into consideration your ADHD impairments – and you will quickly discover that your professional dreams and success re entirely within reach.

Does it take you hours to complete a single homework assignment, chore, or task?
  • Are you failing classes even though you know the material?
  • Are you sick of hearing, “You have so much potential, BUT…?”

ADHD management doesn’t have to be boring or tedious.- my methods are unique, creative and FUN.

As your coach, you get to tell me what works and what doesn’t.

Together we can build a system for school, home, and social situations that will help you excel. And you will show your teachers and parents just how smart and capable you really are.

Is ADHD ruining your relationships, marriage, or family?
  • Are you tired of fighting and blaming each other, and the guilt that comes with it?
  • Is your family life a roller coaster every day?

You or your spouse or partner may be struggling with ADHD, or you may be struggling together as parents of a child with ADHD. I understand the stress, heartache and frustration that ADHD can place on a couple or family.

You want to take away the struggle, frustration, and pain, but you don’t know how- there is a way out.

We will work together to learn skills that will reduce stress and build a better quality of life for you, your significant other and your family.

Does your heart break when your child acts out or gets in trouble at school or in other structured environments?
  • Do you worry about the damage to your child’s self-esteem every time the report card comes?
  • Are you feeling powerless and unable to support your child?

If you’ve read books and gone to therapists but still feel like nothing is helping, please don’t give up.

Your child can learn how to manage his/her impulses and benefit from the energy and creativity that comes with ADHD.

We will work together to create a plan that will help your child harness his or her ADHD symptoms, improve focus and attention, study more effectively, get along with peers, and flourish creatively.

We will also work on boosting your confidence as a parent or caretaker so you can lead by example and be a positive role model for your child.

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